A Design Reader


Valuable collection of readings from the world wide web.

Set in
Untitled Sans
by Klim Type
and collected
byTalia Cotton.

What Design Means for Me

Karel Martens

Research & Destroy: A Plea for Design as Research

Daniel van der Velden

Exercises in Style

Raymond Queneau

The Crystal Goblet

Beatrice Warde

Drowning the Crystal Goblet

Matthew Butterick

Fuck Content

Michael Rock

Visible Language Workshop

Muriel Cooper


Experimental Jetset

Next, the Sign of the Next Generation of Computers for Education (excerpt)

Paul Rand

My Typographies

Paul Elliman


László Moholy-Nagy

Taste and style (from “The Nature & Aesthetics of Design”)

David Pye

Design and Reflexivity

Jan Van Toorn

Two Translations

Dan Michaelson, Tamara Maletic

The ABC's of Bauhaus, The Bauhaus and Design Theory

Ellen Lupton, J. Abbott Miller

The Elements of Typographic Style (excerpt)

Robert Bringhurst

Paragraphs on Conceptual Art

Sol Lewitt

Typographic Architectures

Catherine de Smet, Emmanuel Bérard

Typographie (excerpt)

Emil Ruder

Design as Art (excerpt)

Bruno Munari

The Diminishing Marginal Value of Aesthetics

Toby Shorin

Designing Programmes

Karl Gerstner

In Defense of the Poor Image

Hito Steyerl

Once Again, The Doorknob

Akademie Schloss Solitude

My website is a shifting house nextto a river of knowledge. What could yours be?

Laurel Schwulst

Black Gooey Universe


The Concept of a Meta-font

Donald E. Knuth

Letter and Spirit

Dexter Sinister

The text you write must desire me: fonts as the penultimate interactive artform, second only to sex

Paul Chan

The Coming Age of Calm Technology

Max Weiser, John Seely Brown

The Cobweb

Jill Lepore

Conditional Design Workbook

Luna Maurer, Edo Paulus, Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters

Typeface as Programme

Jürg Lehni

What We Mean When We Say “Responsive”

Lyza Danger Gardner

The Image Object Post-Internet

Artie Vierkant

Overcoming Internet Disillusionment: On the Principles of Meme Design

Geert Lovink

Captives of the Cloud: Part I


Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead?

Hito Steyerl

Toward Aesthetic Guidelines for Paintings with the Aid of a Computer

Vera Molnar


Seth Price

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